Dance requires grace and poise from the student at all times.  New Bedford Ballet students are expected to behave in a well-mannered fashion with dignity and respect for the studio, the study of dance, and all of the teachers. It is essential for students to display a professional attitude every time they enter the building.  These rules should serve as guidelines for proper behavior, but must be supplemented by the decorum of parents and other guests. The resulting atmosphere will be that of a pleasant learning environment.

Parents must wait in the waiting area. Students must wait for class to begin either in the dressing room areas or QUIETLY warming up outside the studio. Again, students must be silent and working to warm up and not engaging in loud conversation, which could be disruptive to classes. The main lobby is for parent or student waiting only, and small children should be engaged in quiet activity. Parents should meet their children in the lobby after class. New Bedford Ballet asks that waiting children wait inside the building for their parents.

Siblings of students should never be left unattended to roam the building.

Food and beverages may be enjoyed responsibly in the waiting room and dressing rooms only. Litter will not be tolerated.

New Bedford Ballet is a non-smoking facility.

NBB assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen property. Cell phones, iPods, and wallets should be placed in dance bags.

Cell phones should be reserved only for student/parent conversations.  Students who use the phones to talk to others during class or rehearsal times will be asked to leave the phone in the office until pick up or dismissal.

NBB is a DRUG FREE studio.

NBB will not tolerate swearing or inappropriate discussions in the studio or dressing rooms.

Class payments should be made on time.