New Bedford Ballet Policies

CODE of Conduct

Dance requires grace and poise from the student at all times.  New Bedford Ballet students are expected to behave in a well-mannered fashion with dignity and respect for the studio, the study of dance, and all of the teachers. It is essential for students to display a professional attitude every time they enter the building.  These rules should serve as guidelines for proper behavior, but must be supplemented by the decorum of parents and other guests. The resulting atmosphere will be that of a pleasant learning environment.


Tuition is calculated on a 36-week school calendar. For your convenience it is divided into 9 equal payments and due on the following dates: August 27th, September 24th, October 22nd, November 19th, December 17th, January 28th, March 4th, April 1st and May 10th. A $10.00 late fee will be added to any tuition that is not paid on time. All tuition must be paid in full by May 15th. Students with outstanding balances will not be allowed to participate in the final performance.

Tuition is not refunded for missed classes. Payment is expected regardless of whether the student is present in class. To withdraw from a class, parents must give written notice to the school administrator at least one month in advance of departure. Parents are responsible for payment until the written notice is received.


Students are required to attend all classes and rehearsals within their level. This includes Ballet, Pointe, and Modern.

Missed classes should be made up by attending the class level below.

Missed classes are considered in evaluations and casting choices, and may hinder a student's progression to the next class level.

To prevent injury, no student is permitted to participate in class if they are more than ten minutes late to that class. A student may observe class in this instance, however, the class will be considered as missed and must be made up.

Excessive absences or tardiness can severely hamper a student's progress and result in injury; therefore, poor attendance may force New Bedford Ballet to place a student in a lower level or to repeat a level.

Injury and Illness

Injured dancers must watch class. Valuable lessons are learned through observation.

If a student is sick and unable to attend, please contact the school staff at 508-993-1387. If no one is available to take your call, please leave the staff a voicemail message that includes the student's name and class level.

ELigibility for PERFORMANCE

Students registered after February 1 may attend classes but may not participate in the June performance.

Classroom Etiquette

All dancers are expected to respect their teachers, their fellow dancers, and their art form. Any violation of classroom etiquette will be addressed by the Artistic Director in a telephone call or email to the parent.


This contract serves to prove a student's knowledge about the definition of and consequences for bullying, and to inform parents of the ballet school policy regarding aggressive and inappropriate behavior among students.

Dress Code

The dress code at NBB exists for a variety of reasons. It is part of the tradition and etiquette of ballet, instills discipline and builds self-esteem, builds class unity and makes it easier for the teacher to see and correct mistakes. In addition, the uniform presents a unified and immaculate class to a group of observers in keeping with a professional standard of training.


Hair: All girls must wear their hair in a neat bun for every class unless they have very short hair (a headband may be of use). A professional appearance should be maintained throughout all levels of our school.

Jewelry and appearance: No jewelry is permitted with the exception of small earrings. Any other type of jewelry could be a hazard or a distraction while dancing.

All students are required to wear appropriate clothing into and out of the building. This includes a cover-up for students of all ages and proper footwear. Dance shoes should never be worn outside.

CancelLations / Substitutions

The school reserves the right to cancel class and/or substitute teachers when it deems it necessary or appropriate. If inclement weather forces the school to close, an announcement will be made via the school's telephone answering service, website, email, and Facebook. Please contact the school for instructions on how to receive text alerts for cancellations.


Each student is individually monitored on their progression and advanced to the next level based upon individual ability and readiness.


The school year is divided into three twelve-week terms beginning in September and ending in June. Parents are welcome to attend during Observation Week, the last week of each term. As with all dance classes and performances, video recorders and cameras are not allowed.


Alumni while attending full-time undergraduate or graduate school are entitled to attend free adult classes on a drop-in basis during the school year (September through June) and during the summer program. 

When they no longer are full-time undergraduate or graduate students, alumni must pay for their classes.


No children should be left at the NBB studios if they are not attending a class.

The office will be locked when the manager or assistant manager is not in the office.

The front door of NBB will be locked after the last class for the evening has entered the building.